Certified Metasploit Expert (CME)
White Hat Hacker
Security Certifications 
Metasploit is the world's most popular exploitation framework. Nearly every cyber security or pentesting firm around the world uses it. Now, you can validate your skills using this exploitation framework
The CME Exam is 100 questions with 2 hours to complete. A score of 70% or better conveys to the taker the coveted CME certification.

Everything you need to know for the exam can be found in the Metasploit section of www.hackers-arise.com or by taking the Metasploit Kung-Fu course online.
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Certified WhiteHat Associate (CWA)
Certified WhiteHat Engineer (CWE)
Certified WhiteHat Professional (CWP)
This is the entry point to hacking/pentesting certifications. 
This certification requires that you pass a 100 question online exam.
This is the intermediate-level hacking/pentesting certification. One must pass both a written exam and then hack a vulnerable system to be certified as a CWE
This is our professional level hacking/pentesting certification for seasoned professionals. This certification requires not only passing a rigorous online exam, but also exploit a relatively secure system
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Certified Metasploit Expert (CME)​​​



This certification--the Certified SCADA Security Engineer--is specifically designed for those who want validate their skills at keeping SCADA and ICS systems safe
This certification--the Certified Digital Forensics Analyst--is designed for those that want to validate their skills at Digital Forenics.
This certification is specifically designed for those entering the pentesting/hacking profession and need to validate their skills using the most widely used exploitation framework, Metasploit
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