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This certification, C-SCADA-SE or the Certified SCADA Security Engineer was specifically designed for those looking for certification of their skills in protecting SCADA or ICS systems. This is one of the most important information security areas at the moment.

Allof the material for this exam can be found at hackers-arise.com in the SCADA Hacking section.

The exam is 50 multiple choice questions to be answered over 90 minutes.

To start the exam, click below.

​The exam cost $299



Security Certifications 
Certified WhiteHat Associate (CWA)
Certified WhiteHat Professional (CWP)
Certified WhiteHat Engineer (CWE)
This is our professional level hacking/pentesting certification for seasoned professionals. This certification requires not only passing a vigorous online exam, but also exploit a relatively secure system
This is the entry point to hacking/pentesting certifications. 
This certification requires that you pass a 100 question online exam.
This is the intermediate level hacking/pentesting certification. One must pass both a written exam and then hack a vulmerable system to be certified.
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