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White Hat Hacker provides you with an extensive opportunity to advance your hacking career by offering a progression of hacking/pentesting certifications.
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Certified WhiteHat Associate (CWA)
Certified WhiteHat Engineer (CWE)
Certified WhiteHat Professional (CWP)
This is the entry point to hacking/pentesting certifications. 
This certification requires that you pass a 100 question online exam.
This is the intermediate-level hacking/pentesting certification. One must pass both a written exam and then hack a vulnerable system to be certified as a CWE
This is our professional level hacking/pentesting certification for seasoned professionals. This certification requires not only passing a rigorous online exam, but also exploit a relatively secure system
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Certified Metasploit Expert (CME)​​​



This certification--the Certified SCADA Security Engineer--is specifically designed for those who want validate their skills at keeping SCADA and ICS systems safe
This certification--the Certified Digital Forensics Analyst--is designed for those that want to validate their skills at Digital Forenics.
This certification is specifically designed for those entering the pentesting/hacking profession and need to validate their skills using the most widely used exploitation framework, Metasploit
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